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Through our many years of work with IT implementation, we have learned to optimize all processes. We are known for being able to cope with IT projects in their entirety. We can streamline, simplify and standardize processes, so the practical handling of IT projects will be performed optimally.

We know, for example, the importance of determining the division of responsibilities in the project. We can collaborate with many different players and can give advice and guidance on how the practical implementation is best performed, and we can even take care of the entire project management. This results in an optimization of all processes, so that both the possibility of error and costs are minimized.

Process optimization is carried out on the basis of a thorough analysis. In collaboration with you, we determine the objective, timetable, collaborate with other stakeholders, the scope of the job, etc. Then we identify the problems that there may be with the project, also problems that you had not thought of. We have developed routines and systems that take into account all the pitfalls.

This means that we can carry out a thorough and comprehensive analysis and develop detailed scenarios, so the implementation runs smoothly and with no surprises. Many years of experience have taught us that there are many pitfalls in the course of a project, and time can easily slip away. Tight project management is therefore a necessity, just like openness and a regular exchange of information.

When nonstop handles the project management it is with a fixed project manager, who ensures that everybody is well informed and knows what is to happen at all times.



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