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DATA DEletion – with SOFTWARE or shredding

When obsolete IT equipment must be replaced, you must always make sure that the data carrying devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop machines, servers and, not least, data tapes, USB sticks and other storage media that carry data, are processed and dealt with properly and to ensure that secure data deletion is performed with approved software that can document that the data is deleted before any resale or destruction is carried out. We have therefore specialized ourselves in deleting data so you do not have to worry about security - we have the solution to all your deletion needs. Data deletion can take place in our own processing centre and at your premises. So you can safely leave your data deletion to us...

Data DELETION WITH software

It is often a major challenge for companies with sensitive data to discard obsolete IT equipment. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose an IT partner who can ensure that company's sensitive personal data is deleted correctly. We have many years of experience in data deletion and we have developed special tools and documentation for the process.

nonstop offers data deletion and recycling as a stand-alone service, but deletion can also be done as a product in a total IT package. nonstop offers two different data deletion methods - software data deletion where the data carrying media can be recycled and physical destruction where the data carrying media is shredded.

When deleting data with software, it is not enough that the software used overwrites the hard drive many times. It is very important that the software addresses the entire hard disk, including areas such as the PC's BIOS, which is not normally allowed to be deleted. Therefore, nonstop uses IBAS ExpertEraser/Blancco which is fully certified for data deletion, and meets both US and European standards, moreover IBAS ExpertEraser/Blancco is recommended and used by, among others:

  • NATO – The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • DoD – USA's Department of Defense
  • NSTL – National Security Testing Lab
  • TÜV – Rheinland
  • CESG – Communications Electronic Security Group
  • INFOSEC – DIPCOG (The Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group) in the UK
  • AIVD – The Netherlands National Communications Security Agency
  • NSM – Norway's National Security Agency
  • AWB – Poland's Internal Security Agency
  • RITEA – Blancco is certified by RITEA in Japan (Refurbished information Technology Equipment Association)


In situations where a report cannot be generated as documentation that the media is deleted correctly, a shredding of the media will take place. Shredding means that the hard disk, data tapes, mobile phone, or any data carrying media are shredded and destroyed in our own specially developed machines.

In both types of data deletion, the procedure is carried out by our specially trained and security cleared personnel and satisfactory documentation is provided of registration, as well as the processing of the obsolete IT equipment. If the job is to be done at nonstop's configuration centre, we will gladly collect the equipment.



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