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Then it was time for the changeover!

By Benny Rix, IT Project Manager, Municipality of Roskilde

In connection with the municipal reform, the Municipality of Roskilde replaced about 5100 PCs. After about 5 years later, these machines were again ripe for replacement, as well as a software upgrade.

In order to use the resources of the municipality's IT department as best as possible and burden the users as little as possible, we wanted the practical part of the work, as well as part of the logistics to be carried out in collaboration with a professional and experienced supplier. The supplier should primarily take care of unpacking, numbering, bios setup, the physical delivery and installation of the new machines. And in the same breath take care of dismantling, secure deletion and disposal/sale of the old machines. When the new machines were set up and connected, staff from their own IT department would handle the installation of, for example, the new operating system and new Office suite, as well as business programs across the network.

In the evaluation, after the relevant suppliers had documented and presented their offers for the contract, it was quite clear that nonstop was sharpest in relation to understanding the project, its contents and the ability to focus on carrying out exactly the tasks we needed.

The machines were, for the sake of ongoing operation, replaced over a period of about 7 months and along the way it also included some replacements of up to 700 machines over the weekends.

The whole exercise was implemented exactly as professionally and smoothly as nonstop had promised us. Every time we are in contact with them, all their staff represented the company in a way that we, the client, experienced as a friendly, technically skilled and positive approach to performing the work.

The current and continuing collaboration with nonstop leaves us with a constant good feeling.



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