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By Torsten Schack Jensen, Controller, Nykredit

We have worked with nonstop for many years, and there is a good reason for this. At Nykredit we have 60-70 branches across the country, and they must be regularly serviced with new IT equipment by a professional partner who knows what they are doing. Therefore, we have used and are using nonstop for PC installation, preparation of computers and delivery of employee PCs. We are actually not at all geared up for such a major job ourselves.

Nonstop has become a permanent business partner. nonstop took care of the replacement of more than 20 computers. When, for example, we have the job of replacing 1500 computers or delivery of 3000 employee PCs, it's good to have nonstop by our side. They are good at logistics, and they are very effective and can very quickly get PCs ready when the computers are prepared with operating systems, programs and standard systems, and we are free of all packaging at nonstop's preparation centre.

It is very important to us that our business partners are easy to get on with. When we send suppliers out to our workplaces and homes to people privately, when they have to deliver an employee PC, it is extremely important that it is people who are helpful and friendly, and they all are at nonstop - no matter whom you get hold of.

We have previously used other suppliers for IT installation and delivery, but never with the same success. There will of course inevitably be problems in connection with such major roll-out projects - some of our staff are on holiday, others have resigned or changed address. nonstop are incredibly quick to adapt to the situation and solve the problems. When a member of staff was burgled and their new employee PC has been stolen, nonstop turned up the next day with a computer configured and ready to go. The level of service is always top notch.

A key issue for nonstop is to interfere as little as possible in our working day. They arrive at 3 o'clock at our workplaces and work evenings and weekends. As some of our new computers smelled, nonstop took them back to their centre where they were allowed to aerate to the delight of staff at Nykredit, but a great inconvenience to nonstop, who had to cope with the smell for several days.

nonstop always gives competitive quotes, where there is a correlation between price and quality. We might save a little by using other suppliers, but nonstop wins on experience every time. There is nothing that can surprise them. They know the procedure inside out and know all our centres.



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Problem-free working day
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