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By Jens Peder Lerche, Project Manager, Jyske Bank

When we had to replace about 5500 PCs throughout the Jyske Bank Group, both in Danish and foreign branches in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and France, we looked for a professional partner who could take on such a large job in a highly professional and efficient manner. Many of our PCs were quite old, and we needed more powerful machines that were capable of facing today's high demands on software, including video. So it was time for the major roll-out project.

After completing the tender, we entered into an agreement with nonstop, who had given a good offer with a realistic correlation between price and quality. We already knew about nonstop, because they had replaced our screens. Therefore, we knew that nonstop was a reliable partner who delivered quality work. After our own preliminary work, nonstop came into play and finished the job in less than 3 months after the first planning meeting.

nonstop was responsible for the detailed planning, where each computer was examined in terms of activation and updating with new software, cabling, amount of RAM, type of screen, etc. We held some fruitful project meetings with nonstop, and the major logistics work quickly fell into place. We also made an agreement on data deletion (both with us and in nonstops centre as an extra security precaution) and dealing with the old IT equipment, which was sold.

We were very impressed with the speed and quality of the installation of our new machinery. nonstop had several parallel teams working at the same time to finish the job as soon as possible. They arrived at 14:00 at our different workplaces and worked late into the evening and then on weekends to disrupt our work as little as possible. The ambitious plan was followed to the letter, and our workplaces were left looking smart and fully functional with the cables out of the way and things in their proper place.

During the process, a number of additional tasks cropped up that nonstop undertook. They were autonomous from the first day, very flexible and with a great overview. Therefore, at Jyske Bank we could just sit back, confident that the project was well on track and in safe hands.



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