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By Anders Paarup, School IT Consultant, Municipality of Herning

Data security is of the utmost importance to Herning Municipality. Our biggest fear is that sensitive personal data ends up in the wrong hands, and we end up in a "Welcome to the front page story", as has happened in other municipalities. So when we had to choose an external supplier for the disposal of out-phased IT equipment in schools, nonstop's security certification carried a lot of weight.

We have made an agreement with nonstop that they shall pick-up the used IT equipment and ensure secure data deletion and resale. After the merger of municipalities, the cellars are now full, and we are planning the replacement of approximately 1000 laptops in schools. The replacement started after the summer holidays and will be completed in the New Year.

nonstop were warmly recommended to us from one of our suppliers when we were considering what we should do with all the used laptops. In the past, the computer collection was part of an employment project in the Municipality of Herning, which was shut down. So we were looking for an external supplier that could guarantee data security.

This was done by us calling nonstop when we had some computers to be collected. Then they sent 3 men within 20 minutes. They take care of the IT equipment and we sleep soundly at night. They are always very pleasant and very accommodating.

nonstop is a highly professional company that is an expert in logistics. Moreover, it makes good economical sense to let nonstop take care of this task, rather than us doing it ourselves. Otherwise I could drive around the municipality for weeks picking up computers and have no time to do my real work.

We will definitely use nonstop again for the practical handling of IT equipment. We are already planning a major installation project where phased-out equipment is picked up and new equipment setup.



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