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Din professionelle IT partner

How we work

nonstop is an independent company who can collaborate with all companies and government agencies that have a need for an experienced and professional partner. We collaborate with a wide variety of IT manufacturers and IT resellers who can offer their customers quality products. Our aim is to always achieve the best results for you!

Our strength

Our strength lies in our cross-disciplinary expertise. We can work with many different players in the project, we can advise and provide guidance on how the practical handling is best performed in terms of economy, time and efficiency, and also be responsible for the implementation.


This results in an optimization of all processes, so the possibility of errors and costs are minimized. In other words, our working form gives an overview, strict management of your project and a guarantee that the IT project is implemented on time and to the price.

The old saying that "practice makes perfect" is still true. With more than 1.000,000 installations behind us, we no longer need to practice; instead we guarantee that projects run smoothly. We are not afraid to issue this guarantee, because over the years we have developed routines, systems and a working model that ensures the best results.



High level
of service

Problem-free working day
and a good night’s sleep