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Din professionelle IT partner

Project management and implementation

We are good at managing and implementing your IT project, i.e. dealing with the practical tasks relating to installation and replacement of IT. By IT, we mean more than just PCs. IT also covers POS terminals, card terminals, routers, servers, information stands, home entertainment and much more.

As a project manager, we take into account all the challenges and test the installation process at our premises, so it will function optimally in your workplace. The project manager is the central figure in the management of the coordination process with all stakeholders in the project and has full responsibility for ensuring the implementation lives up to the agreements. The project manager shall also ensure that any adjustments and changes are fitted into the project.

During the implementation phase everybody knows their role. Everybody is thoroughly briefed and knows the scenario in their sleep. Therefore, the implementation is always very quick, efficient and professional. To ensure maximum flexibility, we offer installation at times that suit you best. Whether it is day or night, weekday or weekends.

We finish any installation project with an evaluation phase together with you, and we also handover any relevant data, documentation and databases.



High level
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Problem-free working day
and a good night’s sleep