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Analysis and Workshop

All IT projects start with a thorough analysis. Together with you we discuss the objectives, timetable, prerequisites, background, purpose, success factors, collaborate with other stakeholders, project definition, etc. Then we identify the problems that there may be with the project - down to the smallest detail.

It may sound simple. However, in practice it is often more complex. We are trained to identify problem areas that you may not have seen yourself. We know how much can go wrong in the installation of new IT, and it often means that either time or economy - or both – go off track. With our highly skilled staff and unique systems, we ensure that all outstanding issues are clarified before we get started. A well-planned timeline ultimately results in financial savings.

Once the analysis phase is complete, we will hold a workshop with you. We present our analysis and suggestions for the best way forward, which may extend beyond what you had originally imagined. We think in terms of optimized solutions - not just in the short-term, but also in the long run. We review the practical issues and together with you determine the scope of the job, timetables, special requests and requirements, and budget.

In the workshop, the interfaces and division of responsibilities between project stakeholders will be determined, and we will develop scenarios for the practical implementation. Scenarios must be approved by you before we start the actual planning. 



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