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IT speciale og IT opsætning

About us

nonstop is an independent company who can collaborate with all companies and government agencies that have a need for an experienced and professional partner. We collaborate with a wide variety of IT manufacturers and IT resellers who can offer their customers quality products. Our aim is to always achieve the best results for you!

Our strength

nonstop is a company that specializes in the practical handling of IT for both private and public companies. We plan and manage the whole setup, just as we can take care of project management and coordination in relation to all those participating in the process. This ensures the most optimal overall solution, efficiently and problem-free for you, regardless of which IT supplier you buy your products from.


It's all about much more than just setting up new PCs. We thoroughly think the solutions through, ensure optimal planning, take into account all the challenges and tests, and ensure efficient and seamless installation so that disturbance in your workplace is minimal. It also most economical for you.


We depend on a productive interaction with the company that we undertake the practical handling for. At the same time, we contribute from our years of experience with efficient and qualified sparring and advice, so the process is performed optimally on all fronts. Our experience comes from more than 1,000,000 installations and setups.



High level
of service

Problem-free working day
and a good night’s sleep