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IT speciale og IT opsætning

Core Values

We live off our clients. Therefore, the fulfilment of their needs is the basis of our business. The closer we come to you, the better we learn to know your needs, and, based on our knowledge, we can tell you about the needs created by development so together we can get the job done in the future.


Empathy is therefore a keyword in our core values. If we fail to get acquainted with your needs, we cannot do the job. Therefore, we deliver via a thorough dialogue and thorough preparation completely immersed into your world, so we think your thoughts and experience your problems as our problems - and your success as our success. The result is a close partnership between you and us.


We are an attractive partner, because we always do our utmost to meet your needs and get IT solutions to function optimally. We know that good results only come through good clients and with detailed and high-quality preliminary work. We take the partnership between you and us seriously, so peace of mind is guaranteed, and in order for us to live up to this responsibility, it is necessary that we get loyalty and a constructive response from you.


nonstop has a flexible and efficient organisation that enables us to always complete the job - regardless of the scale. Therefore, we often work when you are off. We come out quickly to small and large, simple and complex, possible and impossible jobs. The work is always performed efficiently and problem-free. Most importantly, we develop together with our clients so that your needs are our work area.



High level
of service

Problem-free working day
and a good night’s sleep